1. Usage of Old School Gym™ brand name and logo
The Old School Gym™ brand is recognized world wide. There are individuals on every continent on Earth proudly wearing Old School Gym™ apparel. We have been in business since 2003 and have been consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most hardcore gyms in America. The Old School Gym™ in Pataskala, Ohio has been featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, Bodybuilding.com, Muscleandstrength.com, UFC on Fox, PowerliftingUSA Magazine, among many others. You will license one of the most recognizable gym brands

2. Access to our professional business development team
You will be linked in and have direct access to our official insurance provider, web developer, legal team, accounting and tax preparation firm, and award winning photographer

3. Featured on OldSchoolGym.com. Inlcuding Grand Opening announcements across all our social media channels
Your gym will be linked onto our main webpage under the Affiliates tab and included on Old School Gym™ Social Media. Your gym will be featured on @Joinarealgym @corygfitness @coachmyers_gutcheck Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook to welcome you into the Old School Gym™ family and to let loyal Old School Gym™ fans in your area know about the new location.

Oldschoolgym.com gets thousands of unique visitors each month, and this web traffic will help raise awareness about your location

4. Social media/email marketing calendar and methodology
We will provide you a basic structure to follow for social media posts to connect with members and help your business grow. You will learn the same methodology that we have successfully used to gain hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide

5. Blueprint to Grand Opening
A comprehensive step by step guide outlining the necessary details of preparing your affiliate location for grand opening

6. Access to private Old School Gym™ affiliate owner networking community
You will be able to communicate and interact with other Old School Gym™ affiliate owners via a private message board. This will allow you to work together to develop strategies, share knowledge, and provide support to each other to enable your gym to thrive

7. Access to the official Old School Gym™ database of workouts
Cory Gregory and Coach Myers have been training at a high level for a combined 50 years and counting. They have trained for and competed in numerous sports over the years ranging from powerlifting, bodybuilding, boxing and olympic weightlifting. They both have trained professional and Olympic level athletes in multiple sports. You will have access to the CoryGFitness database of workouts and also Coach Myers’ strength and conditioning programs to utilize with your clientele

In order to open your Old School Gym™ you must:

1. Complete the Old School Gym™ Business Educational Program
Two day immersive group seminar at the original Old School Gym™ with Cory G, Coach Myers, and Annette Grant. You will learn everything necessary to make your gym successful

2. Provide Proof of Insurance
All affiliates are required to provide proof of insurance. We will direct you to our preferred insurance agency that specializes in key card facilities

3. Establish a Website
All Old School Gym™ affiliates are required to maintain a live website so we can link your page to the main Old School Gym™ site. This will be a major tool to promote your gym thru the existing Old School Gym™ community. You will be required to work with the official Old School Gym™ web developer to ensure brand consistency

4. Submit proof of Required Mandatory Equipment
All Old School Gym™ affiliate locations are required to have specific strength equipment that we have deemed essential for any REAL gym. You will be provided this list during the education seminar along with strategies to acquire the necessary equipment without taking on unnecessary debt

Two day immersive group seminar at the original Old School Gym™ with Cory G, Coach Myers, and Annette Grant. You will learn everything necessary to make your gym successful, including:

1. Small Business Success Tool Kit
Learn how to become a successful business owner by using our proven systems to streamline and simplify your day to day business operations by automating and delegating

2. Accounting
How to use the correct accounting software and merchant services to ensure profitability of your gym, and prepare important tax documents

3. Legal Structure
How to form an LLC for you or your partners

4. Revenue Stream
Learn how to implement the 7 major revenue streams that every gym needs

5. Personal Training
Learn the basics of one on one training, program design, structuring group training, and athlete camps

6. Marketing/Social Media Strategy
How to utilize Social Media to connect with members and prospective clients. Build your own local Old School Gym™ brand to stand out from the competition

7. Member Acquisition and Retention
How to attractive your key demographics and keep them engaged in your gym community. Corporate gyms are for “new years resolutions”, Old School Gym™ members train year round

8. Creating a culture and community within your gym
Make your gym a place that members enjoy being a part of and a destination that people will travel to experience

9. Game Planning Overhead
Structure your overhead so that the normal ebbs and flows of business do not interrupt profits

10. Avoiding the common Pitfalls of the small business owner
Most small businesses fail within 2 years. Learn our strategy for avoiding common mistakes and how to ensure longevity for your gym

11. Brick and Mortar Recommendations
Get our recommendations for location, square footage, and gym lay out to the “Old School Gym™ feel

12. Mandatory Equipment
Old School Gym™ is a REAL gym. Learn what equipment is mandatory and how to acquire it with out taking on unnecessary debt

**A 1 on 1 Full Day Immersion Course is available for those Gym Owners in a time sensitive situation and need to get rocking (no extra charge!)

Special Introductory Initial Investment: $6000
Your initial investment covers your first 365 days of business and the Old School Gym™ Business Education Course, which includes a 2-day immersive group seminar with Cory Gregory, Dustin Myers and Annette Grant

**25% deposit is required 30 days after application acceptance. Balance due prior to attending the Seminar.

Annual Renewal: $3000
Annual renewal fee is due every year on the anniversary of your first day of business


Equipment Lease Financing Makes Good Business Sense

Your bottom line will reflect your smart choice to finance or lease your equipment:

• You have tax benefits with lease payments – your payments may be fully deductible

• Leasing permits 100% financing with no down payment, so you get the equipment you need without a major cash outlay

• With leasing, you can arrange long, flexible terms with low monthly payments

• Leasing lets you put your equipment to use immediately to generate revenues – with minimum budgetary impact

• Leasing conserves valuable company working capital and preserves your bank credit lines

• Lease payments are fixed, not adjustable – you don’t have to worry about floating interest rates

• With financing you may expense your whole equipment purchase – under Tax Code Section 179 (consult your tax advisor)